Follow together

Deuteronomy 1.1-18

This note was originally published on Monday 23 February 2015.

‘But how can I bear your problems and your burdens and your disputes all by myself?’


Think about a difficult situation that you tried to handle on your own, without asking for help or support. Why didn’t you? Were you afraid of appearing weak?


Deuteronomy 1.1-18


As the country-less nation of Israel finally arrives at the Jordan, after wandering in the desert for 40 years, Moses calls them together. He wants to remind them where they have come from, and what they are to do once they have crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land (v 3).

The first thing Moses does is remind them of that promise (v 8), but then instead of launching straight into the Law, he explains why he had to delegate his authority to other wise men (vs 9–17). Why indeed?

Leading God’s people is hard work. Ask any church leader – ask your church leader – and they will tell you it is basically impossible to get right. What every church leader needs is the sort of humility Moses showed – and for the people they are leading to realise how hard it is, and so support them with prayer and words of encouragement.

Moses was faced with a situation that was too much and too difficult for him to handle on his own. But instead of being full of pride, he showed his humility by asking others to help share his burden with him.


If you are a church leader, do you show enough humility to let things go, and ask people to help and support you? If you aren’t, how do you offer your church leaders help, support and encouragement?