The Lord’s decree

Psalm 2

This note was originally published on Sunday 1 March 2015.

‘I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.’


Do you feel restricted by your faith, or set free? Are you frustrated by the things you can’t do, or filled with gratitude and abundant life?


Psalm 2


The thing about mountains is, they don’t move. Geologists will be quick to tell us that they do in fact grow or shrink by fractions of millimetres every year. But to most of us, mountains are symbols of enormous strength, permanence and beauty; they provide and give some of the most wonderful views it is possible to see on this earth.

It is on a mountain that God has installed his king (v 6). And he has decreed that this king will rule the nations across the world (v 8) – but, more than that, his king will be to them like an iron bar is to pottery (v 9). There simply is no contest.

Too often we side with the world in this fight. We compromise our faith, in order fit in. We treat God’s way of life as if it were shackling us (v 3), instead of releasing us to live as we were made to.

Yes, the world opposes God and his people (vs 1, 2), and always will. But God will win in the end. Why join with the losing side, when you can take refuge in the Son (v 12)?


Look at your life and ask yourself: how do I oppose God by my action or inaction? What do I need to do to stop, and take refuge in the Son instead?