Recent Sermons

John 10.1-10 'Jesus said, ‘I am the gate’'
Jesus said, ‘I am the gate’
20 June 2021

John 8.12-19 'Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world''
Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world'
13 June 2021

Romans 8.12-17 'Lavished and adopted in love'
Lavished and adopted in love
30 May 2021

Acts 2.1-12 'What does the Holy Spirit do?'
What does the Holy Spirit do?
23 May 2021

Daniel 7.15-28 'The end is nigh... or is it?'
The end is nigh... or is it?
02 May 2021

Daniel 7.1-14 'History's secret'
History's secret
25 April 2021

Daniel 6.1-28 'Committed or complacent?'
Committed or complacent?
18 April 2021

Daniel 5.1-31 'Knowing is not enough'
Knowing is not enough
28 February 2021

Daniel 4.19-37 'Humbling the proud'
Humbling the proud
21 February 2021

Daniel 4.1-18 'Who's in charge here?'
Who's in charge here?
14 February 2021

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