Learning holy discontent

Micah 5.1-15

This note was originally published on Thursday 25 May 2017.

He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORD.


Do you find yourself longing for things to be different? Do you find yourself wishing for your life to change? Reflect on the difference between ‘impatience’ and ‘holy discontent’.


Micah 5.1-15


Micah’s vision of the future is inspiring. He saw a ruler whose origins are ancient (v 2), coming to rule in the strength and majesty of God (v 4), bringing security, peace and deliverance (vs 4-6).

If this were their idea of Messiah, it’s easy to see why the religious leaders rejected Jesus: he brought none of those things – yet. He had to deal with sin first, because life can only come through judgement.

On Ascension Day we remember that Jesus will return as he left (Acts 1.11). I long for that day, when he will come as Micah prophesied. But that longing can take over so much that we forget our task in the present.

Micah’s vision is not an escape but a challenge: we must not ignore 5.10-15. There is much that needs to change. So let’s not let our longing for the future be impatience, but holy discontent, leading us to start now what God will complete then. After all, that’s what Hezekiah did (see Way In).


Forgiveness is only the beginning – in the power of the Spirit the life of the future can break into our lives now. What situation or aspect of your life do you most want God to transform? What can you do about it?