The inbetweeners

Way In

Romans has some of the most notorious and beautiful passages in the Bible. Paul isn’t always easy to unlock. Perhaps these key questions from chapter 6 will help.

Consider... ‘We … have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?’ (Romans 6:2). ‘Anyone who has died has been set free from sin’ (Romans 6:7). ‘Do not let sin reign in your mortal body’ (Romans 6.12). ‘Do not offer any part of yourself to sin’ (Romans 6:13). So, are we dead to sin, or not? Are we free of it, or do we still struggle with it? The answer – to both questions – is ‘yes’!

Welcome to the world of ‘already and not yet’. We live between the decisive battle which has happened (Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension) and the final victory which will happen (when Jesus returns). Sin and death have already been defeated, but have not yet been destroyed: our status and our future are not in doubt, yet enemies still prowl around. Our life in Christ has already begun but is not yet complete: the Holy Spirit is at work within us, transforming us and guaranteeing our future hope, yet we still struggle with sin.

We are the inbetweeners. Paul wants us to stand on the solid ground of what God has already done, while waiting eagerly and patiently for what God has not yet finished. As we wait, the Spirit is at work within, conforming us to the image of Jesus. Are you ready to join in?