What (God) did

Romans 8.1-8

This note was originally published on Monday 8 March 2021.

For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering.


What is the most precious gift you have received, or the best thing someone has done for you? Why did it mean so much to you? Spend some time in prayer, thanking God for it/them.


Romans 8.1-8


Romans 8 begins with a wonderful description of God’s work in the Trinity, the unity of one God yet three persons  (vs 1–4). God did what the Law could not do, because although the Law is holy and spiritual (7.12,14), it is weakened by our weakness (v 3).

Think of a time you did something for someone else, something they could not do for themselves. Big or small, that is a picture of this.

Your Bible version may have the words ‘controlled by’ or ‘governed by’ in verses 5 to 8, but Paul’s emphasis is more about who (or what) we ‘belong to’. Look back at chapter 7 verse 4: Christians ‘belong to another’; who we are has changed. Therefore, through the work of the Spirit, what we do is able to change too (7.4–6).

And it must change. God sets us free, so that we can ‘live ... according to the Spirit’ (v 4). Obedience is necessary, but as the fruit of our salvation, rather than as the requirement for it.


All who are ‘in Christ Jesus’ are not condemned (v 1). Read verses 1 to 4 over a few times, then allow the gratitude in your heart to overflow in praise.